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 Britney Spears to marry and convert to Islam !!

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PostSubject: Britney Spears to marry and convert to Islam !!   Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:26 am

Britney Spears to marry and convert to Islam !!

popstar Britney Spears is planning to marry her paparazzo lover Adnan
Ghalib, and convert to his faith, Islam and move to Pakistan.

has been telling pals how much she loves Ghalib, and that she is intent
on tying the knot with him. She might take on a new Muslim name if that
was the case. It is the usual practice for new converts to start a new
life with a new Muslim name.

has even been threatening to fake her own death to start a new life
with him in Pakistan. A close pal revealed that the troubled singer
wants the ceremony to be conducted by a minister from the Church of
Scientology, adding that her whole clan is in a state of shock. Britney
is said to have announced this last week on a beach in Mexico, where
she fled by private jet with Ghalib.

is believed to be adamant on getting married to Ghalib, despite several
warnings from her close friends and aides. She's been told it would be
an act of insanity to marry this man. She says she's doing it and she
doesnt give a f**k what anyone thinks, sources said.

“We’re taking care of each other,” Britney said. “He’s the only one who understands me. It’s serious.”

also question Adnan’s motives for getting involved with the troubled
popstar. Many reports have claimed that Adnan is only after Britney to
sell photos of the fallen popstar in various stages of undress.

would make a careful show of putting down his camera to help her with
bags or into a car,” a source said. “Over time she grew to trust him,
and all the while he was giving her his card and even sending flowers.”

mother and father are very religious and go to the mosque every day.
"They are strict when it comes to their religion and would never accept
a non-Muslim into the family, let alone a white girl. “He may really
have feelings for her”. “Adnan said they were talking about the future
together and had a spiritual bond.”

decided to wear the white lacy dress she wore to marry her, now
estranged husband, Kevin Federline to go shopping for cars last week.

came in to get an estimate for a new car for him” a car salesman said.
“He drives a rental car now. … He was looking into the different lease
and purchase options for sport cars.”

singer is also demanding a Scientology ceremony similar to that of Tom
Cruise and Katie Holmes. She's not a member but is getting interested
in the whole thing. A Scientology spokesman said that the Church of
Scientology would be happy to provide a minister to marry Britney and
her third husband.

Spears has been previously married to childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander for 55 hours and then to rapper Kevin Federline.

behaviour has become more bizarre in recent weeks. She claimed she was
too hot for clothes and refused to get dressed during a three-hour
bathroom stand-off with police, it has been reported. Police insiders
said Spears spent three hours in the master bathroom of her home with
her youngest son Jayden James after refusing to return him to
Federline. When she emerged, she was in her panties and when told to
cover up she put on a see-through dress.

source said she screamed "don't cover me up ... I'm hot" when police
tried to get her to wear a jersey. She allegedly screamed at
authorities: "What are you doing in my house?" and "I don't need your



me sha59eyan i don believe it Rolling Eyes they r together now n may marry bs ena t9er moslema *gweya* Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Britney Spears to marry and convert to Islam !!   Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:56 pm

Shocked pakistan?!
he's yuuuuuuuk !

i thought so when i saw him on TV heh
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PostSubject: Re: Britney Spears to marry and convert to Islam !!   Tue Jan 29, 2008 8:11 pm

nooo nooo

i saw in some website that they broke up kkkkkkkk wohoo

she didn't talk to hem since last friday as i read ...

i cant imagin britny with 7ejab loooooooooooooool lol

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PostSubject: Re: Britney Spears to marry and convert to Islam !!   

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Britney Spears to marry and convert to Islam !!
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